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Swedish Business Club

The Swedish Business Club was founded in March 2018 by nine Swedish companies, namely ABB, Astra Zeneca, Bisnode, Ericsson Nikola Tesla, IKEA, Oriflame, Saab, Securitas and Tele2, along with the Embassy of Sweden.

The basis for establishing the Swedish Business Club in Croatia is the “2015 Swedish Export Strategy” that envisaged the formation of the “Team Sweden” platform and its adaptations abroad in countries where Swedish Embassies are responsible for its local implementation. Team Sweden is a network of government authorities, agencies and companies that work to promote Swedish exports, serving as a platform for synchronizing promotional and other activities in order to strengthen Brand Sweden. The ultimate goal of Team Sweden is to create a joint venture between compatible Swedish stakeholders and bring about an increase in Swedish exports. Swedish Business Club in Croatia is a local implementation of the Team Sweden concept.

Team Sweden

Sweden’s Export Strategy

Mission Statement

The Swedish Business Club (SBC) has a role to enhance and facilitate its members’ interests, through the creation of synergies between its members, to implement projects with and for its members, to increase the level of industrial cooperation and trade between Croatia and Sweden, and to provide networking opportunities.


The Swedish Business Club aims to provide a way for the Swedish companies and the Embassy of Sweden to increase synergies and synchronize the Swedish presence in Croatia, by collecting and uniting all Swedish stakeholders around common goals and objectives; including the Embassy, Swedish companies in Croatia and Business Sweden. The SBC aims to advance the mutual benefits for Croatia and Sweden , and promote tighter industrial and economic cooperation through “bridge-building” and “know-how” sharing.